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Don’t know anyone at your dream school? Already there and looking for an easy way to network? Don’t worry, we got ya!

Unipeers is a non-profit community of STEM graduate alumni, students, and prospective students from top U.S universities. Whether you’re looking to learn more about applying to graduate school or landing your first job, we’ll connect you with people who’ve done it before!

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Network with other alumni and students to learn about research and job opportunities. Help prospective students get where you are today.

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Ask alumni and students questions about the graduate admission process, and learn more about classes, scholarships, and more!

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Recruit new members and helping us create an online presence. Learn new skills while making an impact and adding to your resume! 


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Our Story and Mission

How do I get a VISA?

What tests do I need to take and where?

What’s the student culture like?

Am I even a good candidate for graduate school?

How do I know which schools are good fits for me?

I have NO idea where to start, who to contact, how to learn more…

Above are all questions that we had before applying to grad school. Talking to our peers we found out many of them shared the same frustrations, so we created Unipeers. Our goal is to bring together the largest community of alumni, students, and prospective students who can help each other through the stressful process of applying to graduate school and landing their first job.  Our mission is to empower students to help one another to reach their goals, and to do it we need your help!


Our Team

here to help

Eva Esteban 

Co-founder | Electrical & Computer Engineering @ Cornell Tech

Katie Donahoe 

Co-founder | Computer Science @ Cornell Tech

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Whether you have feedback or you want to tell us about your experience reach out – we want to hear it!

Use the form or email contact@unipeers.org

What Members Say

and we value most

"As a Spanish student I had no clue how the US system worked at the time of applying so it was difficult to know where to start. I had no idea where t start with scholarships or my VISA. With unipeers it was so easy!"
Carlos - MS Student
"Because a university’s culture is primarily defined by its students, I want to help students find a good fit and help my university recruit students that would positively contribute to our community. Unipeers allows me to do both!"
Shreya - MS Student
"When I applied to grad school from England, it was chaos because I had no standardized way of knowing if I met admission criteria because our GPA and school systems are totally different. Having someone to ask would've been so useful"​
Nathan - MEng Alumni